Monday, February 13, 2012

Man Fashion - Mens Fashion Bags 2012 Collection

The arrival of new year necessities to a new bags. If you are wondering what's the bags for mens are in this year. We would like to take this opportunity to revive the urban male's bag wardrobe. So let check these out.

1. YSL Shopping Bag

We are sure you can find more use for it. It comes in brown coated fabric with the brand's logo in leather is sportily arranged on a navy blue leather bag, making it both sturdy and stylish.

2. Marc Jacobs Shoulder Bag

We liked the various textures of the leather, the front pocket, and the simple clasp, carry it like a briefcase or sling it over your shoulder, the made of versatile leather bag with unusual shade of brown, is excellent for those on the go.

3. LV Neo Bongo Backpack

The Louis Vuitton Neo Bongo backpack in Damier GĂ©ant canvas is big enough to take a laptop with its accessories, this chic bag fit well for your office use as well as casual outing.

4. Tumi Kaden Messanger Bag

This Kaden bags is designed for modern lifestyles with essential pockets for electronics and accessories, like you i-Pad or Galaxy Tab. Pairing uncoated, vegetable-tanned leather and rich, full-grain leather, vies a very young and edgy style an adult spin.

5. Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Large Duffel Bag

Complete with a zipper closure, double handle and a removable leather strap, it makes the perfect bag to transition perfectly for your weekend breakaway. Nice.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Overview of Enyce Clothing

Enyce clothing has carved a niche in the world market today, for its ability to withstand the test of time. It has also maintained its quality and comfort without compromising on the uniqueness and it has always promised to uphold amid stiff competition from its competitors. This line of clothing has been there for the past four decades, and it keeps on improving everyday to suit the changing trends and tastes among the different age groups and sexes. Everybody is catered for in their line of clothing right from a new-born baby to the old people in the society. Enyce clothing has changed hands thrice. The people who came up with the idea of establishing a unique line of clothing to make each wearer stand out from the crowd were three in number. It was in New York City that these three friends implemented their idea and came up with this unique line of clothing. The three gentlemen (Tony Shellman, Lando Felix, and Evan Davis) started their Enyce clothing line in 1996.

Eight years down the line, another person by the name Liz Claiborne expressed some interest in the line of clothing and bought it from the owners for one hundred and fourteen million dollars. Four years later, Sean Daddy Combs bought it from Liz for twenty million dollars. It is one of the most famous clothing lines in the world today with more offices established in various parts of the world including Japan, Canada, and Chicago. Many men in the world today feel on top of the world, when they wear clothes designed by Enyce clothing company. The men are spoilt for choice with respect to, what to choose from the different types of T-shirts available. The T-shirts come in different types of materials. The two most sought after materials are pure cotton and a mixture of cotton and other materials. These T-shirts also come in many colors and designs. Some are plain when others have pictures of one's celebrities or logos. Enyce clothing also contains Jeans in different shades and sizes to suit different tastes. The shirts are also available in nice materials and designs.

The girls are also spoilt for choice with regard to: Jeans, shorts, and tops. The ladies Jeans are available in many colors and designs giving a person a wide variety to choose from. The shorts also come in many colors and unique designs to suit women and girls of anx age. The Capri comes with a small pocket on the side which proved to be useful for those who want to carry their phones with them without a bag. Many people who love sports always identify with Enyce Hoodies, since they are quite comfortable to wear, when one is actively involved in sports for their negligible weight and beautiful colors.They are available only in two main shades, Brown and black. Enyce clothing will continue to gain popularity now and in the future since they do not compromise on quality and they are also reasonably priced.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Recent Up Rise of Men's Fashion

There has been a recent phenomenal up rise of men's fashion within the media and society as men are becoming more prominent on the runway. Many fashion events have been altered to include many more menswear opportunities than ever before and it seems that it is slowly competing with women's wear for the reign in the fashion industry. As the internet is having a huge effect on current style with blogging, online fashion websites and general men's clothing websites we are becoming more aware of the importance of fashion from both sexes.

Some of the most popular and renowned fashion events are making room for men as they are advertising their own specific men's fashion week. Previously, fashion week has consisted of mainly women's fashion, with the odd menswear designer, and their target audience has generally been women. This recent turn of events has resulted in Paris giving men their own fashion week which has been closely followed by London doing exactly the same thing.

Many aspiring designers now have their chance to shine by appearing solely on this unprecedented men's fashion week event. Run by the organisers of GQ, the top menswear magazine, this particular ceremony has proven to be a huge hit. Upon beginning this new craze many supporters have joined in on the hype and it is one of the most controversial and talked about happenings of the year.

As this change in fashion has erupted across the media more people are given a chance to shine with their own ranges. Male fashion bloggers have appeared over the past few years and seem more interested in their overall appearance than ever before. Street style and style hunter blogs have witnessed this over the past couple of years and realised that menswear is more prominent than it has ever been.

Despite all of the hype, there has been an argument that the attire sported on this runway event will not be worn by men across the globe. It seems that not all men have completely converted to this new way of dressing and this new popularity of clothing for them. It is highly unlikely that men will warm to this instantaneously as they are usually creatures of habit in comparison to the ruling of fashion over women's lives.

Top designers have shown advances within the industry for creating a more men friendly style and have most definitely appealed to many people. It is apparent that this is a fantastic turn in the clothing industry so join in on the hype as soon as you can!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Prom Dresses

Everyone's heard the saying, "Don't be blue," but when you're shopping and searching through the many 2012 prom dresses available you'd be wise to ignore this advice! Blue is, very unfairly in my opinion, associated with sadness and bad moods, but did you know that it's one of the most distinguished colors of them all?

You don't get colors like 'royal blue' and 'navy blue' for nothing!

Keep reading to learn more about 2012 prom dresses, why the color blue is a good choice this year, and some of the meanings of blue tones!

So you're getting set for prom, right? Here's a word of warning. Just be careful to choose a dress that's as unique as possible as it's every girl's nightmare to arrive at prom to be greeted by another girl wearing a mirror-image dress! First you'd be very embarrassed and second you'd be that much less eye-catching in a dress that's unoriginal.

Why 'Blue' This Prom?

What does blue mean to you? Did you know that it's THE most popular color of them all and therefore a certain pick for 2012 prom dresses?

It's the color of communication which is perfect for prom where you're going to be hanging out with your friends and making new friends!

You can go from darker, 'cool' blues all the way through to bright, neon blues which are really dynamic, exciting colors! But let's look at the shades of blue in more detail:

Dark Blue Prom Dresses

As I mentioned, darker blues can be colder looking, but they're also the most appropriate for formal events such as prom. It's known to be seen as confident too, so is good for giving those of us who are shy a confidence boost.

Metallic Blue Prom Dresses

If you can find a prom dress in a metallic blue then you're really hitting the fashion jackpot, as both of these are really sought after in 2012 prom dresses! Try focussing on taffeta dresses as there are certain types of taffeta which have a metallic sheen under the lights (iridescent taffeta). It's also quite futuristic and has that cutting-edge look that will help you stand out.

Light Blue

Lighter shades of blue are much cuter, so if you're trying to give out a cutesy, girly image then try a sky or eggshell blue. You'll also appear quite cool and calm which is one of the reasons why creative types and parents choose light blue for their walls!

Blue is an especially good color option for 2012 prom dresses for blonde girls and those with blue eyes. This is because matching your eye-color with that of your dress will often lead to a really good-looking and well-thought-out outfit.

Although you may not want to feel blue, you should certainly like the idea of looking blue! So now you're searching through the many 2012 prom dresses that are on sale for prom this year, try narrowing down your search to blue prom dresses and get a really fashionable prom dress!