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Natural Cure for diabetes using Lime and Chicken

Natural cure for diabetes.

Apparently there is no known cure for diabetes, although it is treatable by insulin injection. However, in this day and age with the internet, we do come across claims of the extraordinary….natural cure for diabetes. We may never know for sure the authenticity of such claims unless we have personally benefited from them.

Diabetes is a common disease, and is the 6th most significant cause of death in the United States. According to Wikipedia, as of 2000 at least 171 million people worldwide suffered from diabetes, or 2.8% of the population. Now it’s 10 years past, and I’m sure the figures are higher. Type 2 diabetes is by far the most common, affecting 90 to 95% of the U.S. diabetes population.

Diabetes is a condition which the body is unable to create or make correct use of insulin, resulting in having high blood sugar. And insulin is a hormone that is needed to transform glucose into energy. The current available treatment is insulin injection.

Natural cure for diabetes using lime.

I received an information via email claiming that lime can cure diabetes. Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical of its claim; but it would be a great loss and disservice to those who are suffering from diabetes if this claim is true and I failed to share it. Before divulging more details of this natural cure for diabetes by using lime, let us search for more information on lime, and see what it has to offer.

Lime contains vitamins A, B, C, G and the rare vitamin P. Vitamin P or more often called bioflavonoids or simply flavonoids, enhance the absorption of Vitamin C. For this reason they are usually taken together. Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C together help to stregthen the thin walls of the capillaries preventing bleeding or bruising. They have antibacterial properties, stimulate bile production, promote circulation, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent allergies, asthma, and even cataracts. Bioflavonoids are antioxidants, anticarcinogenics, antibiotics, and detoxifiers. These can provide healing properties for peptic and oral ulcers. The detoxifiers can help relieve the symptoms of gout.

Lime is a citrus fruit. Lime also contains citric acid, natural sugar, calcium and phosphorus. It contains by far more vitamin C than lemon. Lime is a natural antibiotic.

Since this article is not specifically on lime, let’s just list down what lime can cure, prevent or contribute to our well-being:

Scurvy, anemia, intestinal disorder, cough and cold, gastric problem, high blood pressure, fevers, constipation, typhoid, bronchitis, sore throat, dehydration, bleeding gums and sores in the mouth, retard aging, rejuvenate the skin, kidney cleanse, arthritis, rheumatism, prostrate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, heart disease, and DIABETES.

Not a guarantee, try it. You have nothing to lose.

It is quite obvious that lime has great potency to prevent or cure many ailments. Whether this particular recipe is effective or not, you will never know until you try it. Also please bear in mind that many natural cures have positive effect only on certain people. I don’t know why, but from my personal experience, this is true.

So may I just remind you to take this recipe with “a pinch of salt” (or for this instance, a pinch of lime!). One thing for sure, there won’t be any adverse effect taking a few lemons, if this recipe doesn‘t work on you. Just treat it as an exotic chicken soup, certainly rejuvenating and refreshing!

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this recipe effective. Then I will certainly feel more comfortable, and elated, having done the right thing publishing it.

The lime-chicken recipe to cure diabetes.

Here it is; the unedited version:

My diabetes cured using this traditional recipe

Then I was 55 years old, one day suddenly I felt constant thirst and
had the urge to drink more water, I also felt constant hunger even
just after taking a meal, my legs often cramp and had severe cold
sweat. I went for a check up and the doctor diagnosed Diabetes,
sometimes it reached 250 and it worried me so much. Doctor prescribed
some medication and I was on medication for 2.5 years.

My brother who was staying in Malaysia was very concerned, he was a
successful businessman. I went to visit my brother and sister when I
was 57 yrs old and my brother told me he was given a traditional
treatment recipe for diabetes which was claimed to be very effective.
As a Hokkienese (one of the Chinese ethnic groups) who suffered Diabetes for 25 years, previously his had
complication and was unable to walk, but now he was cured.

Here's the Recipe :

Steam 4 limes (green lime) together with 1 chicken without head and
tail), cut limes into half, add some salts and water level just to
cover the chicken. I was given this 4 times during my stay in
The taste was not very good but i still took it in hope of curing the
disease. I took me 1 week to finish a chicken (1 recipe), sometimes i
drank it as a soup or for supper.

After 2 months I returned to Taiwan and had a medical check up again,
the doctor advised me to stop my Diabetes medication as the blood
sugar plunged to below the standard count. He couldn't believe it when
I told him what I took. From then on I did constant blood check and it
was normal. So for prevention, sometimes I still had it once in a
while. Lime was not available in Taiwan at that time and my brother
sent them to me from Malaysia.

I am now 71 years old, and there's no recurrence. During this time I
have been staying in Canada, the USA and I have been healthy diet and
the chicken lime recipe once in a while which saves my life.

As the ingredients are all natural, there's no harm at all to have a
try and please spread this to your friends or whoever needs it.

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Olive Oil for Face - The Secret to a Youthful Appearance

How to Use Olive Oil for Your Face
Women and men have used olive oil for their skin and hair throughout history. This page named olive oil for face is going to show you how to best use olive oil on the face. Some use olive oil around their eyes and they have absolutely no sign of wrinkles. If you are interested read my other article about olive oil for hair.

Why olive oil?

Olive oil is a natural ingredient and doesn't have any chemicals, it's just 100% natural. Many beauty and skin products on the market today have a lot of artificially created and even toxic ingredients. These do little good to your skin and some may even damage your skin.

Olive oil is full of Vitamins and Antioxidants that help the skin cells to revitalize and heal. Olive oil is particularly rich in Vitamin E. This Vitamin is very important for the cells of the body. It prevents free radicals to damage cells and it protects the skin from Ultraviolet Light (UV). It also increase the communication between the cells so that waste products can be more easily and new nutrients can arrive to cells in need faster. This means that olive oil will prevent and reverse wrinkles in your face if you use it daily.

Your body doesn't manufacture Vitamin E but needs to get it from food. Olive oil is in the top 3 foods that is richest in Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds and almonds are the other foods.

You may think "well I purchased this beauty creme and it said to include Vitamin E so why should I use olive oil?". The answer is that many beauty products have artificially created Vitamin E instead of the natural. The natural form is actually made up of 8 different compounds were the artificially only has one. This is not always the case since some beauty products actually have real olive oil in them but they are usually expensive. Plus, olive oil has more natural Antioxidants and compounds than most beauty products.

A good rule of thumb is, "If you can eat it you can wear it" The oil will go inside your body to your cells so why use something that can be toxic.
What Type of Olive Oil Should I Use on my Face?
Now, when you are about to start using olive oil on your skin and face you need to be aware that not all olive oils are the same.

Extra Virgin Oil - This oil is from the first pressing and it usually contains the most Antioxidants, Vitamins and nutrients. The pressing is done without heat (cold pressed).
Virgin Oil - This oil comes from the second pressing and still contains some nutrients and antioxidants but less than Extra Virgin Oil.
Pure Olive Oil - This is olive oil that has been extracted by some type processing. It could be heat or chemical. This oil contains less Vitamins and nutrients than Virgin Oil.
Extra Light Olive Oil - This olive oil undergoes a lot of processing and not much vitamins and nutrients are left.
For this reason it is best to choose extra virgin olive oil for your face.

How to Apply Olive Oil on Your Face?
Drip a few drops of extra virgin olive oil in your hands and apply it in a circular motion to your face. The motion is to increase circulation of the skin cells as well as opening of the pores. Olive oil will dissolve many impurities of your skin so take your time and really massage the olive oil into your skin.
Put on a washcloth with hot water on your face to further open up the pores to remove impurities. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so. You can also change washcloths it it is starting to become cold. You can also heat some water in a pot and put your face over it for a couple of minutes and let the steam do its work.
Use the washcloth to wash off the excessive olive oil from your face.

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Inside her closet

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1 - Gloves HERE
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Today like in the 60's

Mila Kunis

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60's look-a-likes

Another Ewa Aulin resemblence...

Ewa Aulin & Mena Suvari

60's Inspiration

Lara Stone as Brigitte Bardot at Vogue editorial

60's clicks

Beautiful colored Twiggy

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Inside her closet

1 - Sweater dress HERE
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Emma Watson
got herself the Mia Farrow do...

...she looks lovely! :)

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20 Ways for how to Get Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a really powerful tool for online social networking, promoting your online work and getting to know people in the web world around you. To maximize your use of Twitter, you want to gain followers on the site. The more people that you have following you there, the more likely it is that they will see what you’re doing and be interested in your work around the web. There are many different things that you can do to increase the number of people who follow you on Twitter. Here’s a look at the twenty things that you should do first to get more Twitter followers:

1. Use Twitter’s tools for finding and adding your existing contacts. If you follow them, they’ll likely follow you. Don’t stop there, however. Follow up with an email to each of those people letting them know why you really hope that they’ll follow you on Twitter. This follow-through increases the number of followers that you’ll get.

2. Make an announcement on your other social networking sites that you’d like to be followed on Twitter. Let your Facebook and MySpace friends know where they can find you to follow you on Twitter. Don’t just make this announcement once either; update your Facebook status with this info every two or three weeks to keep getting people’s attention back to your Twitter. You can also post to Facebook from Twitter and it will show up on Facebook that you did that so people will know that you’re using Twitter.

3. Add your Twitter information to your email signature. Every time that you email anyone, they’ll see that they can follow you on Twitter.

4. Blog about your use of Twitter. Mention regularly in your blog or on your website that you are a Twitter user and be sure to link to your Twitter contact information.

5. Add the Twitter widget to your website. In addition to mentioning your Twitter use yourself, you can actually show others what you’re Twittering by adding the Twitter widget to your site or blog. This encourages readers to check out your activities on Twitter and therefore to follow you.

6. List yourself in Twitter directories. Directories like JustTweetIt and WeFollow are great places to provide others with information about who you are and how to follow you on Twitter.

7. Improve your page. You can customize Twitter with a better background, avatar and bio info. The better your page looks, the more likely it is that people who see that page will want to follow you.

8. Be active on the site. The best way to get followers is to follow other people and then respond regularly to the things that they post. The more active that you are on Twitter, the more people are going to want to follow you.

9. Be interesting on the site. Don’t just be active without saying anything. Post things that are actually interesting so that people will be interested by you.

10. Offer to guest post on the sites of big Twitter users. Find Twitter users who have a lot of followers. Check out their blogs. Offer to guest post on the blog in exchange for promotion of the post on Twitter. This increases attention to you on Twitter and creates more followers.

11. Write articles around the web and promote them on Twitter. There are many sites that you can write articles on (HubPages being one of them) so write a few about Twitter and link to your profile. (Here’s my Twitter information!)

12. Participate in forums and blog comments about Twitter. The more that you’re talking about Twitter, the more that you’re going to get attention from other people online who are using Twitter and who may want to follow you on the site.

13. Request support from your Twitter followers. Once you’ve established a bit of a following, Tweet that you’re looking for more followers and would love people to let their Twitter followers know where to find you. Some just might help you out.

14. Create some sort of contest related to Twitter. Make up your own creative contest on your website or Facebook page that ultimately leads to benefits to someone else for supporting you on Twitter. For example, you might giveaway something to the friend who refers the most people to follow you on Twitter.

15. Make a Twitter Landing Page. This is a tip from Problogger that basically says to replace your website home page with a Twitter landing page which informs people about your use of Twitter so that they can follow you. Then they can check out your website.

16. Add your Twitter URL to your business cards. Make sure all printed promotional materials that you have include a link to your Twitter profile.

17. Follow people often. Follow new people every single day. They may follow you back. Follow everyone who follows you. Their followers may follow you back.

18. Join Twitter Groups. There are online groups that are all about Twitter and if you join them then you’ll meet people who use the site and who want to friend other users on the site.

19. Go to TweetUps. These are in-person meetups of Twitter users that are springing up all over the country. Meet people in person, put a face to the name and then you can follow each other on Twitter with some real impact.

20. Get creative. The main thing is to do all that you can to keep thinking of new ways to drive traffic to your Twitter account so that you gain followers. The more creative you get, the more likely it is that you’ll see success on the site.

How To Get Free Facebook Credits

If you have found yourself on this article then I can safely assume that you are searching for a way to get free Facebook credits. In case you have stumbled across this article whilst searching for something else, Facebook credits is a virtual currency used to pay for virtual goods in Facebook applications and Facebook games. Each $1 spent is worth 10 credits, in other words each credit is worth $0.10 each. Facebook retains 30% of all revenue which is gained through the sale of credits. In other words, if you use 20 credits worth $2 to pay for a virtual good in a Zynga game then Facebook will retain $0.60 of the revenues whilst Zynga will retain $1.40 of the revenue. Over 50 major games and applications currently use Facebook credits as a payment system, and it has become so popular as a currency that industry experts have speculated that the currency could be adapted to pose a major threat to the dominance of Paypal. Anyway, on with ways to get free Facebook credits!

How To Get Facebook Credits Free
There have been numerous articles, videos and forum posts claiming to have magic ways of obtaining free Facebook credits. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of them are false promises and some even ask for cash in return for the secrets. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but Facebook credits are not free if you need to pay to find out how to get them. Fortunately for you, I am willing to share my knowledge for free. Here are a number of methods which have at least worked in the past and, hopefully, will still work for you today.
Free Facebook Credits By Completing Offers
You must read this first, navigate to the free offers via the following route: Account>Payments>Credit Balance>Buy More>Show More Payment Options>Earn for free by shopping.

45 Free Facebook Credits From Snapfish (UK) - Complete the offer from Snapfish for free photo prints, pay 99p postage and get 45 free Facebook game credits. Now, technically you are paying approximately $1.50 and getting $3 of free credits, but you also get to enjoy your free photos!
85 Free Facebook Credits From Vista Print - Sign up to recieve free business cards, which you design, and get 85 free Facebook credits. You have to pay around $4 for postage, but get $8.50 worth of credits.
15 Free Credits From apario - complete the two easy surveys and instantly get 15 free credits worth $1.50. Easy peasy!
10 Free Credits From Opinion Surveys - Complete free surveys and get 10 Facebook credits for each survey that you complete, that is $1 worth of credits per survey.
5 Free Facebook Games Credits From Glamoo - Simply sign up to Glamoo, for free, and get 5 free game credits worth 50 cents.
5 Free Facebook Credits From Reading Eggs - Sign up for the free learning software, and get 5 free credits immediately.
Free Fb Game Credits
5 Free Facebook Credits With Hello City
The new Facebook game 'Hello City' is offering 5 free Facebook credits, worth 50 cents, to anybody who joins their game and reaches level 3. Simply search for the game as you would any other application, and join accordingly. Hey presto, 5 free Facbook credits for you to use on whichever game or application that you wish.

Play Other Games, Especially Zynga Ones
Thousands of Facebook users have reported being given random Facebook credits by games such as Farmville, being surprised when a message pops up informing them of such. In addition, Facebook sporadically gives out free credits as a form of reimbursement, look out for links to these promotions whilst playing games!

Travel to Marco Island, Florida, with Video Tour

Marco Island is located in south Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a great vacation destination, with a warm sub-tropical climate, beautiful natural scenery, and friendly locals. The surrounding area supports an abundance of wildlife. Visitors will find all kinds of things to do and see on and near the island. Of course, you may never want to leave the beach once you feel the soft sand beneath your feet and the clear turquoise water caressing your skin. While you’re at the beach, you can swim, jet ski, snorkel, or fish in the surf. Wait till low tide, and you’ll experience some wonderful shelling - some of the best anywhere. Or you might want to just “chill out” in the warm Florida sunshine.

If you’re into wildlife, visit the Babcock Wilderness Adventure in nearby Naples. This is a 90,000-acre ranch that’s home to Florida panthers, deer, alligators, wild turkeys, and many bird species, along with domestic cattle and horses. Hop on a swamp buggy for a tour through forests, marshes, and cypress swamps, viewing the native animals along the way. Pack a picnic to enjoy while you’re visiting the ranch, or hit the snack bar for some hot dogs, hamburgers, or gator bites.

The area is also rich in history, and the history buffs will not be disappointed. The nearby Cushing Archaeological Site is one of the most important and fascinating excavations in all of North America. Artifacts discovered at the site are over 3,000 years old. One of the oldest items found is the Marco Cat statue, an impressive example of ancient artwork.

Kids and adults will love the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. It’s a nationally accredited zoo and historic garden and was voted the “Best Place to Take Kids” by Gulfshore Life magazine. Visitors will tour the group of little islands on a catamaran, and they’ll see lemurs, monkeys, apes, and gibbons in natural surroundings very similar to the ones in their native lands. There are also play areas for kids, along with the Madagascar Pavilion, Leopard Rock, and Alligator Bay. Navigating the zoo’s paths is easy – they’re paved.

While you’re in the vicinity, you gotta see the Everglades! Take a thrilling tour through the sawgrass prairies on an air boat, where you’ll be up close to gators, manatees, snakes, deer, colorful birds, turtles, and all kinds of other critters. Some of the boats carry 30 passengers, so you can take the whole family. This is an amazing adventure, and one that the kids will never forget.

How ‘bout a short cruise of the area? A number of options are available and include a sightseeing tour, a shelling excursion, and a relaxing sunset cruise. If you want to dine right on the water, try a dinner and dancing cruise, or for something more exciting, try one of the party cruises.

What about the food? Over 80 restaurants in the area offer a wide variety of dishes, but the favorite is the fresh seafood. Feast on huge gulf shrimp, stone crab claws, scallops, and many types of local fish – all fresh from the surrounding waters. If your epicurean wishes seek something a little different, order the gator tail or frog legs.

If you’re a confirmed shopaholic, you can get your fix at Marco Island. Visit the Esplanade Shoppes - 50,000 square feet of boutiques, upscale shops, and specialty stores. The Town Center Mall is another great shopping spot. You’ll also find all kinds of charming boutiques and quaint little nooks scattered throughout the area. Ask a local for the “secret” shopping places.

Sports lovers can enjoy a game of tennis or racquet ball at the Collier County Racquet Center, or a game of basketball at one of the island’s parks. If you’re looking for a round of beach volleyball or Frisbee, head to Tigertail Beach. The area also has several gorgeous championship golf courses, ranging from easy to difficult and catering to all skill levels.

Did someone say fishing? If you love angling, you'll think you're in fish heaven! Fish are everywhere, and so are fishing opportunities. Your surest bet is to hire a fishing guide and head into the backwater for some tarpon, reds, and snook. If you're after the really big brutes, book passage on a charter fishing boat and tangle with a huge grouper, barracuda, or moster tarpon.

You’ll never be bored at Marco. There’s way too much to do – this is just a sample of the sights and activities. Your major problem will be tearing yourself away from the star attraction – the magnificent beaches!

Naples & Marco Island, South Florida, USA

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Dressing Tips for Petite Women.

There are many ways petite women can look better and taller:-
If you are a petite one,this article provides you with tips on dressing that will help you look taller and more elegant than you think you can.

You do not have to be a supermodel to look beautiful:-
The right choice of clothes and the colors can make you look equally beautiful.First of all,the choice of attire that you must don is to be taken into account.

If you have to wear a skirt,ensure that it goes down comfortably till your calves.That wii not reveal the lenght of your legs and hence your height.When you wear the skirt,ensure that they are higher up the waist.Their lenght will make you look taller.

If you plan to wear trouser or Capris,ensure that you wear full length trouser that cover your shoes.If the size of pants is any lesser,then the legs will be revealed and you will appear short.Also,avoid flared pants.

The color that you choose should be dark as they will highlight your body shape more than the length.Avoid constrast in color.If you choose to wear a bright top and a dark lower or vise versa,it is strongly advised thar you do not.They will divide the view of your bodu into two parts and make you appear even shorter.

If you have to wear a contrasting combination,then choose the colors that belong to the same color family or belong to the same color tone.Choose these shades on dark color only.For example,if you choose brown and beige or maroon and dark gray,you will not only look taller but also sleeker.

Avoid any clothes that have horizontal prints:-
They will help one concentrate on the width of the body and hence help defeat the purpose of the appropriate attire.

Bigger prints and broader lines can overwhelm the body frame and make it look broader.Wear shoes with a little heel.They will make you seem taller than you are with increased leg length.Avoid broad belts.They tend to divide the body length into two halves making you look shorter.

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Keeping Up with Trends in Girls Fashion

     One of the most important things to girls is fashion, particularly if a girl is in her teens and going to college where the majority of people talks and wears the latest trends and styles everyday. Here are some suggestions and tips on girls fashion, which will help you to stay up with the fashion trend throughout the year.

     The majority of designers will take out at least two collections per year, spring and fall, while the rest will introduce four; spring, summer, fall and winter. With numerous different styles and unique designs for boys, girl, men and women you will notice that first and foremost it is very challenging to stay up with every seasonal trend for one primary reason; all styles do not work for everyone.

     How many times have you watched a fashion show and thought; who can wear that dress besides a model. The reality of this is that some of those styles that are shown are made specifically for modeling purposes only and the entire selection is slightly different than what you actually see on the runway. Nevertheless, the number one most important rule is to wear clothes that suit your weight, height, character and personality.

     Ways To Always Dress Fashionabl

     Classic fashion is always in style and if you do not want to make a lot of mistakes when dressing up for a social event, you can always rely on classic clothes. Nevertheless, girls are not always interested in wearing classic clothes so, what is the best way for them to always be fashionable?

     An easy way to make girls fashion work well for you is to select from an assortment of clothing that suits you best. For instance, if a specific color suits you well, you can buy a blouse and wear it with a pair of jeans or black pants, which do not have to be in the same type of collection.

     An additional way to keep up with the latest girls fashion is with accessories. This way you don’t even have to keep up the latest trends. It is important that you realize both good and bad points when it comes to your own body so you can work with it and improve you best features.

     No person is perfect, including gorgeous models you watch on the runway, since they all have flaws that are cautiously covered up with either make up and/or the clothing that they wear on the runway.

     Hence, you can make the fashion work for you by using accessories such as a scarf, belt, shoes or hair clips. Shoes are a whole other category when it comes to girls fashion and they function on the same principals of accessories and clothes. You shouldn’t acquire a pair of shoes simply because they are in fashion but because they work to complement your personality and style.

How To Choose Fashion Accessories

     In relation to fashion accessories, you will find that a wide variety of differing products are included. Fashion accessories, such as fashion clothes and such items, come in a number of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. You can find fashion accessories that are created for young kids, teenagers, men, women, small sized, and plus sized people. A few of the many fashion items that you might find at one of your local fashion shops or on-line stores are described here.

     The most popular fashion addon items is jewellry. As was previously discussed, fashion accessories are designed for all varieties individuals, regardless of age or gender. For teens and children, fashion jewelry items that are fashionable often include colorful pieces, including charm necklaces or charm bracelets. In terms of men, a very popular type of jewellery often includes large pendant necklaces, many of which display a cross or another popular or significant symbol. As for ladies, trendy items of fashion jewelry consist of earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so on.

     Another type of fashion accessory that you may have an interest in buying is a purse or even a handbag. Teens and women most commonly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag which is smaller or compact in size and handbags tend to be a little bigger. Handbags and purses come in a number of differing styles; therefore, it’s common for many ladies and teens to possess more than one purse or handbag. Actually, many individuals out there prefer to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the clothes that they wear.

     In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags can be considered a fashion accessory. Travel bags are much like purses and handbags, except you will find that they’re often created for both females and for males. A travel bag might include a smaller bag that can be used as a carryon bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case and so on.
Shoes and boots are also considered a fashion accessory, although many do not necessarily think them to be. Most often, females’s shoes and boots are considered as fashion accessories, as opposed to men’s shoes and boots. Certainly one of the reasons for that is due to the large choice of females’s shoe styles that you’ll find available for sale. For instance, it’s more than possible to find athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so forth. As with handbags and purses, many women own multiple pairs of shoes and many endeavor to coordinate their footwear, particularly for work, with the rest of their ensemble.

     Another one of the many differing types of fashion accessories available for purchase are belts. For a lot of men and boys, belts aren’t necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they’re a way to hold pants up; though, the same does not actually ring true for females. women’s belts come in a number of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. That is definitely one of the reasons why females’s belts and belts which may be designed for kids and for teens are often considered as fashion accessories. One can find belts out there that are created for wearing with an informal pair of jeans, as well as a pair of conventional kaki pants for work.

     Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and shoes and boots are just a few of the countless fashion accessories that you may be able to find for sale at one of our local fashion shops or even online. As a reminder, fashion accessories are a great way to spice up any wardrobe, especially one that can use an updating.

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60's Inspiration

Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand

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in Harper's Bazaar

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