Sunday, November 14, 2010

How To Get Free Facebook Credits

If you have found yourself on this article then I can safely assume that you are searching for a way to get free Facebook credits. In case you have stumbled across this article whilst searching for something else, Facebook credits is a virtual currency used to pay for virtual goods in Facebook applications and Facebook games. Each $1 spent is worth 10 credits, in other words each credit is worth $0.10 each. Facebook retains 30% of all revenue which is gained through the sale of credits. In other words, if you use 20 credits worth $2 to pay for a virtual good in a Zynga game then Facebook will retain $0.60 of the revenues whilst Zynga will retain $1.40 of the revenue. Over 50 major games and applications currently use Facebook credits as a payment system, and it has become so popular as a currency that industry experts have speculated that the currency could be adapted to pose a major threat to the dominance of Paypal. Anyway, on with ways to get free Facebook credits!

How To Get Facebook Credits Free
There have been numerous articles, videos and forum posts claiming to have magic ways of obtaining free Facebook credits. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of them are false promises and some even ask for cash in return for the secrets. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but Facebook credits are not free if you need to pay to find out how to get them. Fortunately for you, I am willing to share my knowledge for free. Here are a number of methods which have at least worked in the past and, hopefully, will still work for you today.
Free Facebook Credits By Completing Offers
You must read this first, navigate to the free offers via the following route: Account>Payments>Credit Balance>Buy More>Show More Payment Options>Earn for free by shopping.

45 Free Facebook Credits From Snapfish (UK) - Complete the offer from Snapfish for free photo prints, pay 99p postage and get 45 free Facebook game credits. Now, technically you are paying approximately $1.50 and getting $3 of free credits, but you also get to enjoy your free photos!
85 Free Facebook Credits From Vista Print - Sign up to recieve free business cards, which you design, and get 85 free Facebook credits. You have to pay around $4 for postage, but get $8.50 worth of credits.
15 Free Credits From apario - complete the two easy surveys and instantly get 15 free credits worth $1.50. Easy peasy!
10 Free Credits From Opinion Surveys - Complete free surveys and get 10 Facebook credits for each survey that you complete, that is $1 worth of credits per survey.
5 Free Facebook Games Credits From Glamoo - Simply sign up to Glamoo, for free, and get 5 free game credits worth 50 cents.
5 Free Facebook Credits From Reading Eggs - Sign up for the free learning software, and get 5 free credits immediately.
Free Fb Game Credits
5 Free Facebook Credits With Hello City
The new Facebook game 'Hello City' is offering 5 free Facebook credits, worth 50 cents, to anybody who joins their game and reaches level 3. Simply search for the game as you would any other application, and join accordingly. Hey presto, 5 free Facbook credits for you to use on whichever game or application that you wish.

Play Other Games, Especially Zynga Ones
Thousands of Facebook users have reported being given random Facebook credits by games such as Farmville, being surprised when a message pops up informing them of such. In addition, Facebook sporadically gives out free credits as a form of reimbursement, look out for links to these promotions whilst playing games!