Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dressing Tips for Petite Women.

There are many ways petite women can look better and taller:-
If you are a petite one,this article provides you with tips on dressing that will help you look taller and more elegant than you think you can.

You do not have to be a supermodel to look beautiful:-
The right choice of clothes and the colors can make you look equally beautiful.First of all,the choice of attire that you must don is to be taken into account.

If you have to wear a skirt,ensure that it goes down comfortably till your calves.That wii not reveal the lenght of your legs and hence your height.When you wear the skirt,ensure that they are higher up the waist.Their lenght will make you look taller.

If you plan to wear trouser or Capris,ensure that you wear full length trouser that cover your shoes.If the size of pants is any lesser,then the legs will be revealed and you will appear short.Also,avoid flared pants.

The color that you choose should be dark as they will highlight your body shape more than the length.Avoid constrast in color.If you choose to wear a bright top and a dark lower or vise versa,it is strongly advised thar you do not.They will divide the view of your bodu into two parts and make you appear even shorter.

If you have to wear a contrasting combination,then choose the colors that belong to the same color family or belong to the same color tone.Choose these shades on dark color only.For example,if you choose brown and beige or maroon and dark gray,you will not only look taller but also sleeker.

Avoid any clothes that have horizontal prints:-
They will help one concentrate on the width of the body and hence help defeat the purpose of the appropriate attire.

Bigger prints and broader lines can overwhelm the body frame and make it look broader.Wear shoes with a little heel.They will make you seem taller than you are with increased leg length.Avoid broad belts.They tend to divide the body length into two halves making you look shorter.