Friday, June 24, 2011

World Fashion | Fashion Clothing for Teens

Fashion Clothing

Fashion clothing does not mean expensive designer wears but any piece of garment that will make you look like a fashion diva. A slim harem pant paired with a lacy tank top with black or beige oxfords is extremely stylish. Complete the look with a robust black watch and a cocoon cardigan. If you want a more elegant style, go for the classic American style. For this style pick up a black peplum dress, pair it up with a drapey cardigan. Top it up with a jeweled necklace and black high heels for the fabulous retro look.

For a soft velvety smooth look try a pale pink lace tank top and pair it with an off-white bandage skirt, for your feet loud pink or green suede pumps are perfect fits. Accessorizing with a big floral headband and a floral pattern engraved ring will compliment the attire. Therefore, you see fashion clothing is all about how fashionable you can get with simple line of clothing.