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Choosing the right education path order become fashion designing . If fashion designing is calling you and your dream to be part of a major fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Prada and so much more a few days, then you’ve stumbled into the prefect resource center! Preparing for a career in fashion designing is going surprisingly easy with the resources and help you’ll find here! If you want to be a fashion designing, then you need to ensure that you receive the best education in the field. Implemented in Britain is your best choice because, the British fashion designing courses generally regarded as the best in the world. Graduates are sometimes found work in the home of international fashion right after they finish their education and some even start their own clothing line!


What qualifications must you have to apply for fashion designing schools in Britain?You must have completed secondary education, or as an alternative, students may even have a degree in vocational equivalent such as BTEC National Diplomas.


After completing your secondary education, you need to apply for a “foundation only”. So what exactly is a foundation course? This course introduces you to the basics of fashion designing, and no, not all fun and games.This program allows you to have a broad and comprehensive art and design experience and you also learn how to construct a portfolio of demanding industries.

After the establishment year, you are asked to go to the Higher National Diploma. This is just two years. You can also do a Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion design. This is three years. However, most universities offer four-year course which covers material included in the BA and HND. This course is very helpful for industry training is part of the course as well.


You may spend more than twelve months working in the industry. Six months industrial training is also included in the Bachelor of Arts, too. Once you are finished with this course, you can go to do a master or diploma courses in fashion designing.

Course material includes drawings, design, pattern cutting, development, manufacturing and industry practices, styling, weaving, designing shoes, or even photography. Of course there are some elective subjects which you can choose from and this is one of them! Fashion industry is very interesting and creative one, armed with the right qualifications and degrees; you might just take it by storm!

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