Friday, August 5, 2011

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Season Fashion Trends

The Fashion world is alive and well and all abuzz with the coming 2010 fashion trends. This fashion season will continue with the same trends as we saw in the 2009 season. While the summer months fashion trend predictions are still forthcoming, the following trends for the season will guide you to a warm, cozy and fashionable winter!

Over the Knee and Thigh High Boots are Hot!

The classic over-the-knee boots are THE must-have shoe item this season. For the truly daring woman, the thigh high boot is quite hot right now as well. There are tons of options available from rich and creamy suedes to traditional leathers in all colors.

The Cape – It’s Not For Dracula Anymore!

No we’re not kidding, the cape is back, after a long hiatus. The cape in a variety of forms will be big this 2010 fashion season with top name designers creating their own unique spin on the cape. Many styles and options, including, mini capelets to long cloaks and full capes.

Leather, Leather and More Leather
Forget the standard leather jacket, this season brings leather to most any type of garment you own. It’s a leather frenzy for 2010 with shorts, dresses, leggings and a whole lot more…

Ruffles and Bows
A blast to the past with this season in fashion promising bow blouses, lots of ruffles, tailored looks, especially waistcoats, brooches and jodhpurs.

Texture and Chunky Knits
Texture seems to be the cornerstone of this winter’s season in fashion with chunky, big knits playing a big part in the women’s clothing ensemble. They are warm and fabulous and plan on seeing them around for a while. Another element for these knits is while chunky the trend will be open weave to show that flash of skin.

Tights and Stockings – Ripped and Shredded
Following behind the ripped denim craze (which by the way is back this season as well) we saw a while back, this season calls for rips in stockings and tights. What a concept! I bet you wish now that you had saved all those ripped hose you threw away. Looks like we might be heading toward a new Grunge fashion era.

More Rips in Jeans and All Denim

Of course, we all knew they would make a come back. Sexy, revealing and really hot this season, go ahead and bust them out, dust them off and floss them any which way you want.

See Through!
By the spring and summer of this season you can fashionably show some skin, as see through clothing will be hot and trendy! Sheer looks that are both feminine and soft will be in and just in time to look sexy and fabulous this summer.

Single Shoulder Blouses, Tops and Dresses

Asymmetry is the trend for this fashion season for dresses, tops, blouses and swim wear, that will show off one shoulder allowing for a variety of designs, styles and forms to make you sexy, beautiful and hot!

Military Gear
Forget boot camp, this season allows to floss a cool military look without doing push ups! The Military jacket is back as a fashion statement and style calls for it to be a regular winter wardrobe must have, studded, feminized or any which way you want to wear it!

Color Trends for the Season
2010 color trends promise lots of goodies, including, reds, purples, blues, honeys and crèmes, warm yellows, siennas and rose tints.