Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite Tattoo Trend & Fav Celebrity Tat

My favorite celebrity tattoo is Amber Rose's upper bicep tattoo. It's creative and symbolizes her public persona. While some may look at it as cheesy, or typical because it's roses, I find it quite unique. The colors and design are something to be marveled... My favorite tattoo trend is words tatted on the upper back. What better way to make a statement, or draw attention to something, than by tatting it on the top of your back? Alot of celebrities have tattoos like this, but my favorite upper back tattoo is 50 Cent's "South Side" one. It's original, unique and awesome to look at. He has chosen not to remove this signature tattoo. Lloyd Banks' "Rotten Apple" tattoo, which was inspired by his mentor 50's, is another feast for the eyes. Banks had his tattoo done at Miami Ink where Kat Von D, who is also featured below, used to work. Personally, I would not get an upper back tattoo because I think it's more adorning on men. However, a girl must admit that they're eye-catching.

Allen Iverson:

Lebron James:

Kenyon Martin:

DeShawn Stevenson:

50 Cent:

A larger look:

LLoyd Banks:

A larger look:

Flo Rida:

Nick Cannon's "Mariah" tattoo:

David Beckham:

A random Manchester United fan:

Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia's "For Eva Young" tattoo:

And Last but certainly not least Kat Von D: