Friday, February 18, 2011

Tattoo Spotlight: Lady Gaga Vs. Rihanna

Welcome to another episode of the Tattoo Spotlight. This time the my two subjects are some pretty popular pop singers. In the left corner is Lady Gaga and her Barbadian challenger is Rihanna Fenti. Both women have many tattoos, but they're mainly subtle tats. Not too big or vibrant. Also none of their tattoos have color. Take a look at their work and you be the judge of whose body art is more interesting and eye-catching. In this case, as far as originality goes, I must say that Lady Gaga is the winner. To get a better understanding of the meanings behind these two talented female tattoos take a glance at these sites:, I was also impressed by the fact that many of Gaga'a loyal fans have tattoos of her, take a look: She sure has some dedicated fans.

The tattoo that Kat Von D did for her in the video below:

Rihanna sports real and fake tattoos for her new movie role:

This tattoo is written backwards so Rihanna can read it in the mirror: